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Indonesia Sumatra G1 Mandheling


REGION: Sumatra

ALTITUDE: 1,200 - 1,600 m

VARIEITIES: Catimor, Bourbon, S LiniTimTim, P 88, Ateng 

PROCESSING: Wet hulled, sun dried

Q-GRADE: 86 Points

CUP: Mild acidity, medium - heavy body

FLAVOR: Earthy, sweet plums, dry fruits

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Indonesian Coffees and Sumatra

Indonesia is the fourth largest exporter of coffee in the world. It is a large chain of islands that has different varieties of coffee ranging from Robusta to specialty Arabica. Sumatra is one of the most famous of these islands and produces many specialty coffees. This Sumatra is a grade one double picked  coffee and is one of the more universally popular coffees from the Indonesian archipelago . Its strong aroma and mild bitterness make a wonderful cup of coffee. It has an array of earthy spices that mix agreeably with a syrupy body and notes of dark chocolate, caramels and black tea. We invite you to try this coffee as it is one of our favorites. 



100% Arabica Coffee.

Green coffee beans, raw coffee, unroasted coffee.

Green coffee is a raw agricultural product requiring further processing prior to consumption. Foreign materials may be present such as stones.