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Mexico Chiapas HG EP Organic


REGION: Chiapas

ALTITUDE: 900 – 1,100 m

VARIETIES: Bourbon, CaturraCatuai, Typica

PROCESSING: Washed and patio dried

Q-GRADE: 84 Points

CUP: Vibrant Acidity, Medium body

FLAVOR: Chocolate, Citrus, Lemon,

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Coffee in Mexico 

Mexican coffees are extremely popular due to their subtle flavors and range of body. Coffee is primarily grown in the southern-most state of Chiapas, where tropical conditions, higher altitudes, and volcanic soils create ideal growing conditions. Coffee was originally introduced to the Veracruz region the Caribbean, but nowadays, most coffee is produced in the Chiapas region. However, it is a long-standing debate on whether Chiapas or Veracruz has the best coffees. Typically, good Mexican coffee will be light bodied with mild acidity.   

Mexico HG EP Chiapas Organic 

This organic coffee hails from the Chiapas region of southern Mexico, and is grown without pesticides, at altitude, and comes from several community farms in the region. Most of the area’s coffee producers are smaller farms and owned by families of indigenous descent. The beans are European Prepared (EP) to ensure minimal defects and are wet processed, meaning the skin / pulp of the cherry is removed from the beans after harvesting. This coffee is well balanced, has good delivery, a smooth body and sweet acidity. At darker roasts, the chocolate and nuttiness are more apparent, while medium roasts bring out more of the citrus and lemon notes and are more acidic. Those with good pallets can taste notes of peanut.