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Indonesia Sulawesi


REGION: Mamasa, Enrekang, Tanah Toraja

ALTITUDE: 1,100 - 2,200 m

VARIEITIES: Typica, Djember

PROCESSING: Wet hulled, sun dried

Q-GRADE: 86 Points

CUP: Mild acidity, creamy and silky body

FLAVOR: Caramel, brown spice, chocolate, raisin, earthy

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Indonesian Coffee:

Indonesia is the fourth largest exporter of coffee in the world. It is a large chain of islands that has different varieties of coffee ranging from Robusta to specialty Arabica. For coffee, Sulawesi is the second most famous island, next to Sumatra, and is well known for its specialty coffees. 

Indonesia Sulawesi:

Coffees from the Sulawesi island typically hail from the three highland regions known for their arabicas: Mamasa, Kalossi (in Enkrekang) and Tanah Toraja. The higher altitudes and volcanic soil create a great environment for the production of the typica and djember varieties of Arabica. Like most Indonesia coffees, coffees from this region have a low acidity and boast a rich and earthy body with a smooth finish. These varieties have raisin and berry notes and the typical cocoa and caramel and spice notes found in other Indonesia coffees. The majority of these beans are produced from small producers on individual smallholder farms, who mill and export through a larger processor. Like our Sumatra, this coffee has a high Q - grade score and is worthy of a spot on any roasters menu.