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Nicaragua Jinotega


REGION: Jinotega


VARIETIES: Caturra, Catimor, Bourbon

PROCESSING: Washed and patio dried

Q-GRADE: 83 Points

CUP: Vibrant acidity, medium body

FLAVOR: Orange zest, fruity notes, pear and citrus

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Nicaragua Coffee 

Large scale coffee production began in the mid-19th century in Nicaragua and is one of the countries principal products. Nicaragua’s premiere coffee comes from the Jinotega region, which lies about 88 miles north of the Capitol of Managua. Most of the country’s coffee is grown high altitudes and meets the Strictly High Grown (SHG/SHB) specifications. Much of the coffee is also shade grown, where it lies under the shade canopies of the local ecologies.  

Nicaragua Jinotega La Finca Rubia 

La Fincia Rubia is a small farm located in the Jinotega region fed by mountain springs. It is owned by Javier Enrique Rodriguez who employs family members that live in the area and around the farm. This coffee has distinction as a cup of excellence and qualified in the top 15 coffees produced in Nicaragua. Like many of its Nicaraguan counterparts, it is also shade grown under a banana tree canopy. This coffee has a balanced flavor with citrus, pear and green apple notes and has a q grade cupping score of 83.