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Colombia Supremo Medellin EP


REGION: Medellin

ALTITUDE: 1.200 -1,800 m

VARIETIES: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

PROCESSING: Washed and patio dried

Q-GRADE: 84 Points

CUP: Mild acidity, medium body

FLAVOR: Chocolate, roasted nuts, citrus fruits

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Colombian Coffee 

Colombia produces some of the most popular coffees in the world and has a reputation for its well-balanced and mild coffees. They are the second largest global exporter behind Brazil and you would be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t enjoy a cup of coffee from Colombia. Colombian coffees are extremely popular as they can be roasted dark without turning excessively bitter and can thus be used for espresso drinks.      

 Most coffees that come from Colombia are either Supremo or Excelso, which refers to the coffee bean size and grade. Excelso beans are large and pass through grade 16 sieves, while the Supremo is slightly larger and pass through Grade 17 sieves / perforations. These coffees can be harvested from the same tree but will be sorted based off their individual sizes. These coffee types are almost identical in flavor and composition. The most esteemed coffees come from the MAM region: Medellin, Armenia and Manizales areas.   

Colombia Supremo EP Medellin 

Medellin is one of the primary Supremo producing regions in Colombia. This specific Supremo hails from the Antioquia region where most of the coffee farms lie, outside of the city of Medellin. The volcanic soil creates a rich and fertile environment that produces flavorful coffees with great balance. 

This coffee has a Q grade cup score of 84. It has a sweet chocolate and brown sugar aroma, a mild winey acidity, and a smooth, medium body. People love this coffee for its rich balanced flavor and its flavor notes of citrus, lemon and other fruits. Like the Supremo, it is great as a stand-alone coffee and also to blend with.